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What Sets KD’s Apart from the Rest

KD's Catering & Events Tampa

There are many different caterers in the Tampa Bay area and we’re fully aware that you may be shopping for a caterer that is the right fit for you. We hope that while you’re considering who to hire, you keep a few things in mind.

No hidden charges

We hear horror stories from clients who had bad experiences with other caterers. Some low ball their per person rate but charge for every little detail. For instance, they may have a low lunch fee but charge a delivery fee, require an onsite chef with a chef fee, charge separately for servers and then force a gratuity. Our standard menu buffet service price includes two servers, dishware, serviceware, black table cloths and napkins, catering setup, cleanup, and delivery… all for one low price. The only additional items on our invoice are sales tax and a credit card processing fee that we remove if you pay by check.

No forced gratuity

Many cater charge a forced gratuity of 18% similar to the way restaurants work when serving larger parties. KD’s believes gratuities are earned and not mandated. Each and every one of our staff has a vested interested in the success of your event and the growth of our family-owned business. We all strive to do our very best to assure the outcome that exceeds your expectations. If that is worthy of extra remuneration, feel free to show your appreciation.

You get a lot more for your money

Not only do our clients rave about our delicious food and great service, frequent compliments usually have to do with our large portion size and all the value added extras we include in our standard pricing. With our buffet service, each guest may have one of each entree. They don’t have to choose between two. There’s enough of all the food for everyone!

Our price is per person regardless of guest count

We charge per person. If your guest counts drop off before the date that is not a problem. We take the final count one week prior to your event and adjust your invoice up or down based on the new count. I have had clients who’s guest count has dropped from 200 to just 110 people and I have never charged any additional fee for guest counts falling so dramatically. I want your wedding to be beautiful and stress free. I would never charge extra or hold you to a guest count that you just won’t have there. This is your day and I want you to feel like it is your day and not hassle you over small details. We do have a minimum order during peak season of 20 guests.

We won’t cancel on you for a larger order

We honor our contracts regardless of what new client comes around. Some of our competitors provide a very low price to “win the job” but, if they get another client who is wiling to pay more, cancel their contract with you to accept a “better deal.” I have, on several occasions, had to scramble to fit in a last minute wedding because the bride and groom went with the less expensive caterer only to find out they had no caterer 2 weeks before their wedding.

Personal service

Another accolade we receive from our customers is that we go above and beyond. Our staff is extremely professional and attentive to your needs. We take special pride in award-winning service with a smile and it is apparent to everyone in attendance. We’re also pretty flexible and try to accommodate special requests and custom orders.

Full service from planning to cleanup

KD’s is a one stop shop. We have decades of experience in organizing events and have the knowledge and resources to assure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy your special day. Many potential clients come to us for catering but leave with planning, decor, flowers, photography, DJ, equipment rental, and bar services too. It takes the worry out of all the moving pieces that need to flow flawlessly while saving you time and money on all the details.

Responsive, Resourceful & Reliable

Another compliment we get often is that we always arrive when expected. We plan way ahead to avoid traffic and reduce stress levels. We’re also told that we respond to questions and quotes faster than other companies.